Interferential Current Therapy for the symptomatic management of Chronic Pain

SurgiTech's Chronic Pain Suppressor CPS-2000 is a prescription 2 channel programmable medical device for palliative individualized therapy.  This system is designed to allow the treating physician a means of prescribing regular safe and effective Random Interferential Current Therapy (ICT) treatments for the purpose of relief and management of symptoms experienced with chronic, post-traumatic and / or post-surgical pain.

Benefits derived from the CPS-2000 are the unique properties of traditional electronic stimulation now available almost anywhere in a small portable device.  The CPS-2000 electronically delivers the random interferential stimuli (to the nerve endings) blocking the pain signal providing temporary relief to the recipient.  All the benefits of an office treatment without the repeated visits.

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CPS-2000 Specifications

  • 2 independent channels of digital random interferential current therapy
  • Physician programmability for concise prescribed electronic stimulation control
  • Programmable & controlled regularity of treatment
  • Programmable number of days prescribed for patient use
  • Dual modes of operation - Program  & Therapy
  • Usage monitoring feature (complete & incomplete treatment counter)
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Non-invasive, drug free and non-habit forming modality
  • Advanced stimulator
  • Error checking & audible alert / notification
  • Battery level check with audible and visual recharge alert

The CPS-2000 takes Interferential Current Therapy to the next level by administering therapeutic Random Interferential Current Therapy stimulating local nerves for long lasting relief.  The CPS-2000 applies simultaneously two medium frequency monophasic currents to the targeted body region.  The use of medium frequencies overcome high skin and subcutaneous tissue impedance allowing the stimuli to reach the target nerves.  As waveforms align, the combination provides stimulation to a larger area.


Physician control of prescribed therapy is an aspect often overlooked within the electro-stimulation device market.  SurgiTech acknowledges the need for specific therapy parameters and continual patient compliance for optimal results.  The CPS-2000 justifiably is a true prescription pain management device with ICT programmability of:

•Interferential frequencies


• Waveform

• Therapy time

• Allotted Therapy Time

• Session Time / Treatment Cycle

• Number of Days Prescribed


Expanded functionality of activity monitoring provides the physician readouts of complete and incomplete treatments.  This data is essential to the physician desiring to be knowledgeable of his patient's use of the prescribed device.  The programmed therapy settings and activity data is locked internally and only made available to the physician.

Patient abuse of treatment is not possible with the CPS-2000.  In Therapy Mode the “Patient Lock-out” feature ensures the prescribed treatment parameters are always adhered to.  To prevent over-treatment, our “Patient Lock-out” feature only allows treatment to occur after the physician prescribed period has lapsed.  A feature not found in any other electro-stimulation device.  Audible and visual prompts keep the patient informed as to the operational status of the device, such as low battery states and incompletely administered treatments.

Safety Alert: Interferential Current Therapy should never be used until etiology of pain symptoms is established.